Give a fresh look your home
Give a fresh look your home

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Domestic Window   Cleaning:

We can clean either inside, outside or both, on  a regular basis
to suit your needs.
We use both traditional and pure water(water fed pole) cleaning. The ground floor will be cleaned using the traditional method and top floors using water fed pole for  health and safety reasons. Ladders will only be used only for access (ex. flat roof) where the water fed pole method is not suitable.

Commercial Window  Cleaning:

Dirty and neglected windows can harm a company’s  image. The first impression your potential customers and clients get of your company is its exterior .
They may not see the glass is clean, but certainly notice if it is dirty.
We can offer commercial window cleaning services for schools, care homes, offices, construction companies, retail outlets, leisure centres  , golf clubs and many others.

Carpet cleaning:

We offer domestic and commercial carpet cleaning at very competitive and affordable prices.
We are fully trained by PROCHEM, one of the main suppliers of carpet cleaning machines and chemicals in the UK.
We use hot water extraction technology, the most used method in the industry. This method is recommended by almost every carpet manufacturer.

The carpet cleaning process will include:

- Vacuuming your carpets
- Moving light/medium weight furniture
- Testing your carpets for colour fastness
- Pre treating heavily soiled areas
- Rinsing and cleaning the carpets from residues
- Restoring the pile before drying
- Replacing the furniture

Gutter cleaning & clearing:

Clogged gutters are a major problem and can eventually lead to roof leaks.
Keeping the gutters clear, though, is not an easy job. Why risk falling from your roof ? Call a professional to do the job safely and properly.

Fascias and soffits cleaning
Many people don’t give too much attention to fascias and soffits. Give them a new look by cleaning them once or twice a year.

Conservatory cleaning:

Cleaning the conservatory roof by yourself can be a dangerous and time-consuming job and also splashing the windows with tap water can leave a lot of residues which can be very hard to remove. Give us a call and see the difference .

Solar panel cleaning:

Did you know that dirty solar panels can loose up to 25% efficiency?So are you getting most out of you solar panels?We use eco-friendly deionized water wich ensures great cleaning results to help you solar panels run more efficiently.

Cladding cleaning:

Do you have external cladding to your shop,industrial unit,retail or house.Building cladding can easly became covered in grime and dust an can ruin the look of your operation.Our cladding cleaning services can make them look like new again.

Patio and driveway cleaning:

We can bring back to life your driveway,patio,decking and garden furniture ussing high pressure water cleaning for fast and effective results.